témoignage SBM


Deveho helped us to stay on track by immediately assessing the deadlines at stake.

Laurence Martinet, Director of Information Systems at SBM

Trace One

I was impressed by the skills and the knowledge around the solution, the quality that have been delivered during the workshops and the set-up and the reactivity during the user-acceptance test.

Vincent Lemaine, Finance Director France TRACE ONE


As a multi-lingual solution covering a number of different legislations, Sage X3 represents the perfect response to our international management requirements.

Jean-Marie Bocher, International Director, OLMIX

Phoenix International Services

Sage X3 allows us to cover both group accounting and local statutory accounting. The main benefit for us was that we were able to cut back the closing and consolidation cycle from two months to less than two weeks.

Bart Venesoen, International Controller, Phoenix International Services


Our main project results are an improvement in knowledge, an enhanced efficiency and a greater ability to analyse the profitability of processes.

José María Robredo, Arania Group’s IT Director, Technometal