ERP News Magazine: Interview with G. LECLERCQ, CEO of DEVEHO

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Celebrating DEVEHO Consulting Group’s 10th anniversary, CEO Guy Leclercq explains how they reinforce their strategy to stay as one of the best-in-class solutions for mid-sized companies.

Extract : Commenting on their company strategies for 2020, Leclercq, says “For the coming years, we will keep growing to be able to meet the needs of our customers about the legislations evolution and the new uses of digitalization such as Cloud Systems and IoT… We reinforce our strategy to stay as one of the best-inclass solutions for mid-sized companies. And our development strategy doesn’t prevent us to open an additional subsidiary in a new region in the future. Let’s follow.

The future of ERP is now, he comments: “Flexibility and agility are now at the heart of ERP solutions and this does not seem to change in near future.”

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