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Sage boosts businesses around the world, contributing to their success through its innovative technologies and the expertise and creativity of its staff. Sage is taking a fresh look at entrepreneurialism and provides its customers with the energy, experience and technology required to inspire and succeed.

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Value-added reseller with high-level accreditation

We are a Sage Development Partner, within the framework of our standard localisation activities for Sage X3. As part of the Early Adopter Programme (EAP), we work closely with the Sage R&D centre at a very early stage in the development of new versions of the ERP.

Worldwide partners
As part of our network of partnerships, we have agreements with the main distributors of the solution in the US, Asia, Africa and Oceania and can provide support for your projects through the provision of a global solution.


OVH is the world’s third-largest hosting provider, offering innovative products and services, a proprietary worldwide network, continuous R&D, and expert staff who are passionate about customer service.

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web applications hosted

Deveho Consulting Group partnership

Within the scope of the Community Partner programme, Deveho distributes the OVH range of IT services for businesses: from web hosting to virtual data centres, dedicated servers, storage solutions and xDSL and VoIP connections, all services benefit from continuous innovation and are regularly enriched with new features.

This proprietary global network and the international reach of OVH enable us to deliver flawless quality of service and an ultra-secure network with guaranteed bandwidth.


Audros Technology is the editor of the Audros EDM and PLM solutions dedicated to the management of all data and technical documents throughout the product life cycle. Since 1993, Audros Technology has provided its own unique software solutions for industrial companies (mainly SMEs and SMBs). Audros Technology’s solutions help companies to improve product reliability, to reduce time to market, to develop innovation and to increase customer satisfaction.

Deveho Consulting Group partnership

The Audros EDM and PLM functionalities are incorporated as standard in Sage X3, thus providing the link between the ERP solution and all of your technical data (specifications, 3D model, drawings, CAD properties, etc.) so as to ensure optimal integration between these systems.

Audros for the solution eliminates the time spent re-entering data and the risk of errors by ensuring the transfer of data items and BOMs from drawings made using your CAD tools to your ERP system.

By ensuring that Sage X3 and your technical EDM/PLM solution are linked, Audros serves to create new sources of efficiency as from the design phase, enabling you to significantly reduce your time to market from product design to manufacture.


For the last 30 years, Bodet-Osys has been bringing its expertise to bear to fulfil the needs of industrial companies, developing solutions that can be adapted to the activities and size of different companies. Bodet-Osys solutions cover a range of needs, including production monitoring and traceability, scheduling, parts and bills of materials, and tracking the energy consumption of production tools.

Deveho Consulting Group partnership

The Quartis application enables operators or machines to capture production data in real time and offers production managers a real-time production data monitoring and traceability tool. It interfaces fully with Sage X3, thus eliminating the need for paper forms.

The integration of Quartis with the solution enables you to save time on production reviews, and the accuracy of information ensures better tracking of orders.

As part of a continuous improvement process such as lean manufacturing, you can reduce lead times by optimising production.

TENOR Partner

Tenor is a specialist in hosted EDI solutions and is a recognised service provider in the automotive, distribution and aeronautics industries. Through its specific expertise and its presence in more than 45 countries, Tenor liaises between 1,300 customers and 8,000 contractors throughout the world. Tenor’s products and services are founded on availability, responsiveness and quality of service.

Deveho Consulting Group partnership

Tenor’s EDI Services solutions are connected to Sage X3 via a new programme for Tenor’s EDI SaaS services provided as standard with Update 9.

In concrete terms, the ERP Sage X3 U9 generates a pivot file that is automatically transferred to the EDI services platform hosted by Tenor (EDI EDIBASE). This platform converts the file into the desired format and sends the message (delivery note, invoice, etc.) to the customer’s partner using the protocol and telecommunications network of the partner.

Conversely, commercial partners send EDI messages (orders, delivery forecasts and notes, invoices, etc.) to the EDI EDIBASE platform, which receives them, converts them into the solution format, and then transfers them to the EDI module of Sage X3 U9.