Deveho add-ons

As a Sage Development Partner, Deveho Consulting Group publishes standard localised versions of Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management. We offer a catalogue of localised versions of the Enterprise Management (Sage X3) core. Our localised versions cover taxation requirements and local practices. They also provide pre-configured parameters to ensure compliance with legal constraints and local accounting rules.

Our catalogue of localised versions: Netherlands, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary.

In partnership with a renowned auditing firm, we offer legal intelligence and make provision for changes by providing regular updates for our localised versions of Enterprise Management (Sage X3). As a Sage Development Partner and member of the Sage Early Adopter Programme, we benefit from new versions of Enterprise Management (Sage X3) ahead of the game, as part of the Sage roadmap.

In addition to our standard localised versions, Deveho Consulting Group can also offer you support on a project basis to localise the Enterprise Management (Sage X3) solution for a specific country. In this way, we have localised Enterprise Management (Sage X3) for use in Luxembourg, Norway and Slovenia.

Business solutions

  • Stock shared across multiple companies
  • WMS integration with logistics partners
  • Automated document transmission (EDM)
  • Automatic integration of exchange rates