All companies should be in a position to achieve their ambitions: the use of a simple and cost-effective CRM system makes it possible to win new customers and to increase satisfaction and loyalty among existing customers.

The Sage CRM solution has been designed around the needs of businesses, while ensuring that it remains affordable, adaptable and extremely easy to use, and offering the potential to evolve in line with the growth of your company.

Your challenges

The markets in which you operate are evolving, as are the ways in which you interact with your customers and manage your activities.

In order to optimise your relationships with customers, you wish to go beyond conventional sales management, marketing campaigns and a dedicated customer service department.

You are looking for social and collaborative interaction, you need to access strategic customer date in real time, wherever you are, and you want to ensure the productivity and efficiency of your business.

Benefits of Sage CRM

  • Sage CRM is easy to use and can be adapted to suit your way of working.
  • It is easy to install, deploy, learn and maintain, enabling businesses to concentrate effectively on their core activities.
  • Combined with the ERP system, Sage CRM offers a real competitive advantage: it provides a unified overview of your customer activities at company level, and optimises processes, visibility and employee productivity, all with a view to increasing profitability and stimulating growth.
  • The Sage CRM pricing structure is extremely flexible, with a monthly subscription and no minimum engagement period.